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About Us

The Free Gold Franchise Association was loosely formed by Stephen Knott of Southern California in 1999. There he had  several years of studying gold sales, trends, mining and minting together with various gold companies. The association was formed utilizing his 10 years experience of personal usage of gold bullion. The decision to go with karatbars came only after many years of comparing various bullion commission and marketing programs. Being involved in several of the most successful direct marketing and multi level companies helped Stephen form his ideas for joining karatbars. His skills with online marketing and direct marketing worked hand-in-hand with the formulating of this association of karatbars downlines. We work together to assist anyone anywhere in getting started for free, and without cost, to begin successfully selling their product. Some strategies include simply linking your affiliate URL, utilizing utilizing free classified ads. This assists those who don't want to be involved in any form of direct sales but still want to help people make money and perhaps save the value of their wealth. Over the last 5-10 years his experience in several types of gold, whether in electronic savings programs or in physical form also led to the final settlement over to karatbars. He has spent all the time with commission schemes of other companies, dealing both in smaller and larger denominations. However both in commission payout, and usability for the regular people, karatbars surpasses them all. The culmination this research birthed the Free Gold Franchise Association in January of 2010 under KB Sponsor ID: STEPHENMK 75648954.

The goal of this venture is to begin providing the general public with access to lowest priced gold at the highest commission level direct from the gold minting and mining operations of Karatbars (formerly known as KB Vision).

Internet establishment and position in google has been secured over the last three years. There has been no time availability or resource to develop it further. However the possibilities abound.

The market is booming for such a startup and while it sits in a dormant state is a prime candidate for any prudent investor, and is also available for buyout. Anywhere from Cyprus to Greece, to America evidences people's desire and need to have a bartering medium when the banks don't allow the populations to pull out their savings.

From time to time gold is also offered at auction at the retail price via this site. At such auctions, many times the buyer prefers to become an affiliate and get his bullion at wholesale, and lock in for commissions. While still lower than what Swiss banks charge for the 1 gram cards, we are still able to make a profit. There's a possibility to add-on a major new syndication wing with feeds posting into various sections to further enhance with internet reach.

All sizes are possible, KG, ounce, etc as you like. 

For any questions you may call +1 714 983-6968

or write to


For general inquiries write to info@freegoldfranchise.com