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Shipments are insured via Lloyds of London to the value of 50,000 USD (or currency equivalent)  per package. Larger value orders are split into multiple packages, so that no package holds more than the limit insured.

All orders for immediate delivery valued over $10,000 USD (or currency equivalent) ship fully insured, Free Of Charge

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Suisse Gold Bullion Dealers
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Gold delivery is possible to the following countries:

• Andorra 
• Argentina (Collection / Storage Only)
• Australia 
• Austria 
• Bahamas 
• Bahrain 
• Belarus (Collection / Storage Only)
• Belgium
• Bermuda 
• Brazil (Collection / Storage Only) 
• Bulgaria
• Canada 
• Cayman Islands 
• Chile (Collection / Storage Only) 
• China (Collection / Storage Only)
• Croatia
• Cyprus 
• Czech Republic 
• Denmark 
• Dubai 
• Estonia 
• Finland 
• France 
• Germany 
• Gibraltar 
• Greece 
• Hong Kong 
• Hungary 
• Iceland 
• India (Collection / Storage Only) 
• Ireland
• Israel 
• Italy 
• Kazakhstan (Collection / Storage Only)
• Kyrgyzstan (Collection / Storage Only) 
• Kuwait 
• Latvia 
• Liechtenstein 
• Lithuania 
• Luxembourg 
• Macau 
• Malaysia 
• Malta 
• Monaco 
• Netherlands 
• New Zealand  
• Norway 
• Peru (Collection / Storage Only) 
• Poland 
• Portugal 
• Puerto Rico 
• Qatar 
• Reunion Island 
• Romania 
• Russia
 (Collection / Storage Only)
• San Marino 
• Saudi Arabia 
• Singapore 
• Slovakia 
• Slovenia 
• Spain 
• South Africa (Collection / Storage Only) 
• South Korea 
• Spain 
• Sweden 
• Switzerland 
• Taiwan
• Ukraine (Collection / Storage Only)
• United Arab Emirates 
• United Kingdom 
• United States of America 
• Uruguay (Collection / Storage Only) 

(If you require shipping to a country that isn't listed above, please email us and we will try to assist you). In the event that you would like to purchase bullion and delivery is not possible, storage is available.