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Gold Bullion Affiliate Commissions For Giving Away 1 Gram Bullion Bars

Free 1 Gram Gold Bullion Bars Delivered to you. Sound unbelievable? It's not! This is true.

No one online has a better offer. I and my downlines are the only ones doing this strategy at present, and it is a great success. Other Network marketers elsewhere have been doing similar investments in their downlines and it works like clockwork. Building up a snowball may be a little tedious at first, but were on top of a giant mountain, and this snowball can't be stopped.

How can we do it? We get high commissions! Purchases are direct from the refining and minting company (LBMA Certified)! It's not a government mint so there are all sorts of freedoms! Not to mention the KB group operates and owns gold mines.

This mining, refining and minting group has teamed up with the best marketing platform imagined! WANT YOUR VERY OWN GOLD SALES FRANCHISE FOR FREE? Talk to me if you want in. You get reimbursed for your purchases of gold. If you just get one Gold or VIP package you're locked in for excellent commissions for about one year. If you get your first two people to join with you in getting 1 package then you compound the amounts, if they also do the same then within months it's possible to have a 6 figure income as a bonus on top of that. Hey I will be glad to pay for your first purchase of gold, because of all the commissions I will get through Karatbars!! KB Cards are the best and easiest to confirm and use for bartering if need be :-). Better than cash soon...?? It also comes with a Master Card / Credit Debit Card. Physical gold delivered on demand with high commission payout. What more can you ask for?

If you do the math you see you can just give away grams of gold bullion for free,  and you're just getting loads of cash and gold! We should all give things away, and spread these opportunities around to everyone. With this system it's impossible that it doesn't multiply. When people see the cash and money they receive in compensation, that is by far the best type of advertising. This type of program empowers you to give away the gold! To prove to you I'm serious I will ship you the one gram of gold for free if you just get one gold or vip package after registering on my page. I will also personally see to your success in gaining more affiliates under you using my exclusive approach.

For Your Wealth Preservation and Multiplication

Stephen MK

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You can buy gold now via my online shop or members area.

Members only area offers you 7 streams of commissions income. Weekly and monthly payouts onto your debit card, or gold shipped directly to you.

Why not get paid while you move money to a secure form of wealth?

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You can buy gold now via my online shop or members area.

Members only area offers you 7 streams of commissions income. Weekly and monthly payouts onto your debit card, or gold shipped directly to you.

Why not get paid while you move money to a secure form of wealth?



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Master Card Credit/Debit Card

Still not registered at Karatbars? What are you waiting for? I'm not a money expert but I think sitting on your cash at this time is not wise. With Karatbars not only can you cash out in bank withdrawls and physical gold, but all members also get issued a Master Card Credit/Debit Card where you recieve your commissions.

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Gold Franchise Sponsorship

I personally, Stephen MK Brunswick will be glad to help you along the way setting up your new business. I have a lot of strategies to help you gain new representatives that will only cost you about 5 minutes per day and take no skills whatsoever.

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I will send a FREE GRAM OF GOLD BULLION to everyone who registers under me at karatbars and purchases a "Gold or VIP Package". That qualifies both you and me for unbelievable commissions. It's free to register as an affiliate and then you will be able to purchase your Gold or VIP package. The incentives more than pay for it, and we need to spread the wealth around. For the future economy I believe people will need to get their money into easy to confirm and barter gold denominations as found at karatbars. Why not get paid to give away free grams of gold too? That's how this snowballs. Sitting on your profits never gets you anywhere unless you're waiting for a miracle. My formula of giving away part of my profit at the start has worked with countless other programs. Especially with such high commissions at karatbars! Intelligent people see the profits for themselves (money talks) and they decide to invest more.

Additionally you will receive our Bonuscard worth 100 EUROS


The sponsor ID will automatically fill in if you use my quick url:


click here to start: https://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=stephenmk

Confirm your sponsor details are correct:

STEPHENMK 75648954

Once your KYC documents have been uploaded you're normally confirmed immediately. Then when I see you in my downline have purchased a Gold or VIP Package I will immediately send out your free gram of gold!

Just tell me you want the free gold by writing me at stephen.knott.brunswick (at) g m a i l (dot) com (avoiding spam robots, just take out spaces etc.) or call me for any questions at 1-714-983-6968

You will then have your own affiliate site on www.karatbars.com

There are several ways you can follow my successful formulas and I will be glad to support you.

I'm very flexible in communication and ways of support. I'm very open minded for ways to assist you. Lets get in contact.

Stephen MK, CEO

Free Gold Franchise Association